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Pro-Form Smart Strider 695 CSE Elliptical


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Pro-Form Smart Strider 695 CSE Elliptical  


The power intensity ramp allows you to target different muscle groups and challenge your limits with its 0-10° incline and 20 resistance levels. 


Powered by the innovative SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance, smooth, friction-free resistance is provided with every stride.  


Plus, with EKG heart rate sensors built right into the handlebars, you can also ensure you stay in the right target zone.  


Choose from 24 motivational built-in workouts, or go interactive with iFit Bluetooth Smart/Coach compatibility. 



Fit® Coach Ready™*

Making time for world travel is a challenge—but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Visit Paris, hike the Swiss Alps, or jog the Chilean coast with your iFit® Coach Ready™* elliptical powered by Google Maps™. You can also customize your workouts with unlimited programs designed by certified personal trainers. And our ever-growing workout library offers programs that progress with you from first-time user to daily enthusiast. 


Round Watts LED Display

Have you ever wondered if your workout is making a difference? With our new Watts LED Display you can watch your power output right on the console with bright LED lights. Based on our power algorithm of watts per kilogram, you can tell instantly if you are in the Endurance, Tempo, or Peak zone.  


24 Workout Apps

When you step on the pedals of a ProForm® elliptical, you get instant access to professional training programs fully loaded and ready to go. Now you can enjoy a challenging workout focused on your goals. 


EKG Heart Rate Monitor 

Grab ahold of in-the-moment heart rate monitoring. These two hand-grip sensors are conveniently built into the handlebars. In a couple seconds, you’ll be able to see your heart rate while you train.


Commercial-Gauge Solid Steel Construction

Made from commercial-gauge solid steel, this machine is built to last.


18” Stride Length

Enjoy long, full strides with this generous 18-inch stride length.


Soft Grips Upper-Body Workout Arms

Get a total-body, low-impact workout with upper-body workout arms. Elliptical training engages your entire body with every step.


AC Adapter Included

Plug in this wall adapter to power your console electrically if you prefer not to use batteries.


0 - 10° Power Adjustable Incline

We know you love the outdoors. That’s why we made incline training available on your elliptical. Now you can hike any mountain without leaving your living room. With a quick adjustment, this ramp adjusts your incline, allowing you to focus on specific muscle groups. Target your glutes, quads, and calves for realistic trail training. You’ll be 100 percent prepared for the next family hike.


Oversized, Adjustable, Cushioned Pedals 

These large pedals allow you a number of foot positions and provide important stability as you exercise.


8 kg. Effective Inertia

Experience a smooth, steady pedal stroke with the flywheel made to perform. A faster gear ratio and effective weight placement deliver a more natural striding experience.


20 Resistance Levels

With 20 digital resistance levels, you can start out easy and progress to intense. Each level is smooth, frictionless, and silent with our patented SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance.


Vertical SpaceSaver® Design

We know you like your house to be clutter-free. So we invented an elliptical that folds up and out of the way when you’re done with your workout. It totally rocked the fitness industry; but honestly, we’re just glad you don’t have to sacrifice your living space for your fitness habit anymore.


SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance 

This smooth, frictionless resistance system allows you to adjust your workout intensity without interrupting your workout.


CoolAire™ Workout Fan

Keep cool with this built-in fan that features two speed settings. Quick console controls allow you to adjust the speed at any time. 


Integrated Tablet Holder

Make fitness time multi-tasking time. This device shelf keeps your tablet secure and conveniently close so you have access to all your training tools and entertainment must-haves.


iPod®-Compatible Audio*

Once you create your raving workout playlist, just plug your iPod® or MP3 player into our built-in sound system. Built with dual 2-inch speakers, you can turn up the tunes and turn up the tempo. Experts have learned that we actually increase or decrease our pace to match the tempo of our tunes. Plus, music has also been proven to lower perceived exertion. That’s great news.


Transport Wheels

Moving this elliptical out of the way is fast and easy with the rear-mounted wheels.


Oversized Leveling Feet

Keep your elliptical stable on an uneven surface with these oversized leveling feet.


Water Bottle Holder

Stay hydrated throughout your workout by keeping your water bottle close. This convenient water bottle holder is built into the elliptical frame for easy access.


Out-of-Box Easy Assembly

Unboxing your brand new ProForm® elliptical is an exciting moment. We wouldn’t want to kill the joy with hours of complicated assembly. So we engineered an elliptical that comes fully assembled out of the box. Now you can assemble your elliptical in minutes and get started on your workout. With just a few simple setup steps, your elliptical is out of the box and ready to use in minutes.


135 kg Weight Capacity

This elliptical accommodates up to 135 kg



The ProForm® Smart Strider 695 CSE Elliptical is protected with a 5-Year Frame Warranty and 2-Year Parts and Labour Warranty. 



When this elliptical is fully assembled, the height by width by depth dimensions are 165 cm x 81 cm x 203 cm.

Características técnicas
GTIN/EAN 5051638298494
Display consola round watts LED display
Nombre del Modelo 695CSE
Interactividad Consola Basica
Monitoreo de frecuencia cardiaca EKG™ grip pulse Heart Rate Monitor sensors
Peso máximo usuario (KG) 121 - 140 Kg
Programas 24 pre-set workouts + iFit Bluetooth
Dimensiones Abierta 170 x 87 x 185cm
Uso recomendado Doméstico

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Pro-Form Smart Strider 695 CSE Elliptical

Pro-Form Smart Strider 695 CSE Elliptical

Antes: 1.299,00 €
Descuento: -580,00 €
719,00 €
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